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We're helping bicycling make the news About Our Media Room

(Another great way we promote bicycling)

Thanks for visiting the Media Room of our website. Feel free to browse and enjoy the articles here.

We're very excited about this section. We've put these stories together and placed them in this special folder on our site to provide promotional and informative materials about bicycling to the local media. By making this content readily available to journalists, television and radio reporters, we aim to increase cycling coverage and grow and improve bicycling. More people riding means better biking for everyone!

We're working with Bikes Belong, a national organization promoting cycling, to reach out to reporters and newscasters to promote our site and these stories. Bicycling is great fun and we want more people to know about it, which will happen as these stories make it onto TV and into newspapers and magazines.

If you're a reporter who would like additional cycling information, give us a call. We love cycling and we'd enjoy answering any questions you might have. We also have a fully stocked shop and plenty of cyclists should you wish to visit to take some product or riding photos to complement your story.


The articles in this section may be used by bona fide media representatives only. If you work for a newspaper, magazine, radio or television station, you're welcome to publish this Media Room content. Otherwise, reproduction of this or any other content in our site, without our express permission in advance, is prohibited.

Thank you!