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Paducah Attractions

Paducah is home to a vibrant arts community and it's easy to explore Paducah by bike. Enjoy performing arts, museums and restaurants. Nearly all of Paducah is fairly accessible by bike, but to avoid motor vehicular traffic, you'll often need to take the road less traveled. Don't know your way around the back streets? Just email us! Tell us where you're coming from and where you want to go. We'll trace the route we would use for the same trip and send it back to you. But, just generally speaking, Madison and Monroe Streets are terrific bike routes-wide streets with sparse traffic and low speed limits bordered by sidewalks.

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Some of Our Favorite "Unique-to-Paducah" Things

Baseball Park: Brooks Stadium 2400 Brooks Stadium Drive. A step back in time. Multi-year host for OVC College Conference Baseball playoffs, and the home field for the Paducah Tilghman High School Tornados and the Post 31 American Legion Team. Kids can stand in the parking lot to retrieve foul balls the turn them for a quarter each.

Coffee: Etcetera Coffeehouse, 320 N. 6th Street. Friendly folks, student art, Friday night poetry & /writer's, fair trade coffee and bubble tea, muffins, bagels, brownies, and on week-ends homemade quiche. 270.443.7760 Hours: Sun., Mon., & Thurs., 8 AM-5:30 PM; Fri. & Sat., 8 AM-9:30 PM

Food: These unique-to-Paducah are the BikeWorld staff's recommended places to eat. Zee – Just Hamburgers, 2532 Jackson St.; Ben- Pizza By The Pound, 600 North 32nd St.; Chris- Spicy Ginger Asian, 4793 Village Square Drive; Justin-Guadalajara Mexican, 3125 Lone Oak Rd. Martha- House of Grace, 2620 Jackson St; Group Favs: Kirchhoff's Bakery & Deli, 114 -118 South 2nd St. Flamingo Row, 2640 Perkins Creek Dr; Tribeca Mexican Cuisine, 127 Market House Square; Whaler's Catch Restaurant & Oyster Bar, 123 N 2nd St.

History: Wickliffe Mounds, 94 Green Street, Wickliffe, KY 42087, 270-335-3681 35 miles west of Paducah. This state historic site is the absolutely neatest, little known place in western KY. Archaeological site of a prehistoric Native American village of the Mississippian mound builders, the museum has exhibits displaying the actual artifacts of excavated burial mounds.

Movie House: Maiden Alley Cinema in the heart of downtown! Our favorite movie art house shows hard to find, little known great films, shorts, foreign language films and great classics.

Paducah is home to several fine museums, but if you only have time for one, we suggest The National Quilt Museum Astonishing fabric art captures the history and heart of America! It's an easy bike ride from BikeWorld to the museum. Free parking at BikeWorld, then it's an easy bicycle ride from our store to the museum.

Plays: Market House Theater, 132 Market House Square. Acclaimed, incredible, nationally recognized. Community theater doesn't get any better than MHT! Main stage and youth season.

Radio Station:
 WKMS 91.3 We love our national public radio station.

Paducah Public Schools, the most diverse school system in the state. Recognized by Standard & Poor's as one of 18 Academic Outperformers in Kentucky. Paducah Tilghman High draws from many neighboring areas, and with good reason, including 15 AP classes, renowned music and speech programs and a history as a sports powerhouse. Tilghman alumni include: Buffalo Bills Special Teams captain, George Wilson; 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Robert H. Grubbs; Golden Glove winner Steve Findley; seven-time All-American sprinter, Danielle Carruthers; and numerous writers including "The Dollar Crisis" author Richard Duncan; and Orlando Sentinel beat reporter, Kyle Hightower.

Superman Statue Metropolis, Illinois, just across the river from Paducah, is DC Comics' "Home of Superman." The town has a larger-than-life statue of the superhero that attracts visitors from all over the world. First order of business, getting your photo snapped with Superman! Then, cross the street and visit the Super Museum, where you'll find more Superman memorabilia than we know what to do with, and a gift shop take home souvenirs.

Symphony & Other Performing Arts:
The Paducah Symphony Orchestra inside the Luther F. Carson Center for the Performing Arts 100 Kentucky Avenue. The arts are accessible in Paducah. You can catch performances here you can't find in many larger cities.